What Makes This Artist Different? Nikhil Mishra Creations : The Man Who Draws Emotion.

Nikhil mishra is not just a name today. He is the leading digital artist in India. His artwork is getting more and more popular among art lovers with each passing day. While few of his work got famous among youth, others got fame for political reasons and few others for religious cause. This versatility in his work is giving him a huge fan base and wider audience reach.His artworks has been used in many films and hoardings till date and it is in high demand. Today we’ll look at few of his most eye-catching and popular art works.


This is one of his most demanding painting. It shows Lord Rama in vibrant colours, holding his bow and arrow. It shows the body of Lord in very muscular and soft both at the same time. A source of light is shown emanating from the middle of his forehead. This picture was created in Just twenty minutes by the artist but the impact it is holding is far more than these minutes. Its hard copy is in very high demand among the art lovers.


This picture shows the Lord Vishnu in his “Virat Roop” which means he is the God and all other demigods are shown as a part of this central viraat roop. The crown of Vishnu is highly ornamented and vibrant. His body is shown very muscular and sensual. Above his head is the group of snake, “SHESHNAAG” which is acting as a umbrella for Lord. This artwork has been purchased by more than hundreds of art lovers till date.



This image of Lord Shiva was presented to the public around shivaratri and it was liked by more than 10 thousand people within few hours of sharing. Lord shiva is shown in vibrant blue and green colour with white moon on head and dark red Tilak in the centre of his forehead. The masculinity of this image is enough to make the people feel safe in the presence of this artwork only. The highly wavy hair leaves a permanent mark in the memory of viewers.

4.  Sri krishna

This artwork is a masterpiece of Nikhil Mishra. The wise use of digital colours in a very modest and vibrant way is clearly visible in this piece of work. Shrikrishna is seen holding a “sudarshan chakra” in his hands and his body is looking very muscular and strong enough to kill any evil. His abs and biceps are adding a masculine beauty to the image. This artwork is in high demand even from foreign countries.

5.Maa Durga

The feminine expression with highly vibrant colours of clothes is the specialty of this artwork. The use of red colour is best shown in this piece to show feminine vibes. Goddess Durga is shown holding a “Trishul” in her hands with her hair blowing through air and a wave of air can be felt just by looking at the wavy decoration and ornamentation of Maa Durga. Apart from these few artworks mentioned above, there are hundreds of other as well which is in high demand. •Jagganath Swami •Dakshineshwar Kali Mata •Hanuman Ji •Vitthal ji •Gautam Buddha •Mahakal •Nataraj •Maharana Pratap •Narshimha Avatar •Kalbhairav •Murugan Swami •Maa Ambe •Khatu Shyam Ji •Sri Narmada Maa •Siya Ram All these artworks are available in hard copy format and can be purchased from his official site. These works are not only purchased by art lovers but also by religious people . This is very different form of God and Goddesses and people are astonished to see this form of creation. The number of pieces that is being sold by this group is increasing each day and this shows how it is getting more famous among each and every group of people.

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