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“IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SPEAK ENGLISH, LEARN IT AS A LANGUAGE AND NOT AS ANY SUBJECT”, says Mr. Kishore Singh Rajpurohit  ,one of the most famous English teacher of Bikaner, Rajasthan. He firmly believes that teaching is an integral part of his life.He has already taught more than 1.25 Lakhs of student . This popularity is not because of any hoarding,poster or advertisement but because of his hard work and selfless efforts towards students. He has already given many gems to our nation who are currently serving at various important position of India.But his heartiest desire is to impart education to all the needy throughout the nation.He wants to hold the hand of those who either don’t have the right teacher or those who can’t afford to pay for English classes. He has been teaching offline since 1989 and after having the experience of almost 32 years , he is ready to give his service throughout the nation via Online platform.




Born and brought up in a Marwadi family of Bikaner, Rajasthan, Mr. Kishore did his schooling as well as graduation from Bikaner itself. Then he didn’t stop here. His strong desire to learn and earn knowledge,eventually honoured him with various other degrees as well. Few of them are :-
•:Masters with English language
• Masters in management
• Criminal Law Specialization
• Labour Law Specialization
Even after being the specialist of different fields , god certainly had different plans for him. As per Kishore sir , he never thought of choosing teaching as his career. But it was as if students kept coming to him and he just kept teaching them. With time he was already equipped with more than 500 students and eventually he started to love teaching. He is different from many other English teachers of India because he never used it as his business or source of income. It is his passion to help the people to learn and communicate in a foreign language whic is making him the best of his field.


Mr. Kishore Singh Rajpurohit  is not just a well known teacher but a famous anchor as well. He has been hosting many prestigious events of national importance since 1990s. Even today he hosts around 25-50 events annually.His voice and way of anchoring has always been appreciated by each and every audiences.
Few of the biggest platforms where he has performed as the chief Anchor are as follows :
There are many feathers attached to his crown but on of the most important one is acting as the English translator for Rajasthan Government. Very recently he did an excellent job as translator for Vice president of India Mr. M. Venkaiya Naidu and for the Governor of state.
As per him “There can’t be a better way to serve a nation other than giving education to the Future of that Nation”. He consider it as his privilege to be with young students every time while teaching .He finds no happiness greater than the happiness of seeing his students at higher posts under government and creating better future for the Nation.


Mr. Kishore considers teaching as an opportunity to develop perfect humans for the development of Nation. After having the experience of 32 years, he understands the drawbacks of Indian Education in a very good way. He is ,therefore ,working on major problems associated with education system at his own level.
One of the major problem he is working on is Education of girl child. While teaching batches after batches he observed that female was lagging behind and to mitigate this issue he himself opened an All girl’s School . He his trying his best to give an overall personality training to these girls in this school and not just burdening them with bookish education. Martial arts training , swimming classes, yoga, dance, Hobby improvement etc are the main focus of this school along with education.
He is working on almost every student at his personal level to make them as some individual who has
• Good decision making power
•Great body language and facial expressions •Great efficiency to communicate with people and
•Greater depth of knowledge.
With all these visions in his mind he is preparing himself to give online classes now. As per him, “Online classes are very different from offline one. In offline mode, I have control over students and I can bring discipline in them but in online I can’t really look at them directly or interact with them at higher level of freedom. So if a person has self discipline and curiosity to learn,only then online classes can be a thing of value. ”

Kishore sir also says that he loves to work on those students who really has the desire for better education rather than considering it as some sort of burden. “While I have created history at my level , credit for this goes to some students also. I am famous in Bikaner not just because I am the right teacher but also because I got some right students who were willing to work hard with me”, says Kishore sir.


Mr. Kishore hasn’t yet opened any Institute of his own. Even after having glorious experience of 32 years he is teaching alone.This is very astonishing in an era where every individual loves growth and prosperity. When asked about it ,he clearly said, ” I am afraid of opening Institute and hiring new people. I am afraid that what if other teachers will not teach with same compassion and understanding like me. I don’t want to cheat the students who come here looking for Kishore sir .If I could only find another Kishore sir,I would have done it long time ago.”
Although he is planning to teach online now, he is assured of teaching only those students who can show continuous discipline and sincerity in his class. Money and business has never been his choice ,he is just looking forward to make English language classes more accessible and affordable to all students of the country through online platform.
At last he added ,”I believe all of us should respect each and every language. Although I teach English but I feel proud of my mother tongue i.e, Marwadi and Hindi. I feel sad when many English speakers of India don’t respect Hindi . I can read ,write and speak Marwadi, Hindi and English with same fluency and I respect each one of them equally. People of India must respect our Hindi language even while learning and speaking any other languages of the world”

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