Pradeep Bhanot: Taking the Vedic Astrology international

With his 16-year-long, illustrious career which saw him forecasting the futures of a score of well-known individuals across the country, Pradeep Bhanot has established himself as one of the most famous and successful astrologers in India, and is now gaining roots internationally as well.


For an astrologer, Bhanot is quite unique in his own ways. He is honest with the success rate of his predictions, which is quite significant, into the high 80s; he is eager to learn, despite being one of the most experienced and learned names in the field; and against the established practices, he wants to spread the knowledge, teaching astrology to as many individuals as he can.


CEO at ‘Pradeep Bhanot’ s The Cosmic Voice’, based in Panchkula, Bhanot is a name recognised by almost everyone in the tricity, but he has his clientele spread across the country. Quickly gaining roots in Mumbai, Delhi, and other metro cities, Bhanot has been gradually establishing himself in international markets as well.


“Vastu Shastra and astrology are a part of our illustrious cultural heritage. The art of Astrology and Vastu Shastra helps quench our thirst to know the future. They assist us in being well-prepared for any issues or challenges the future may bring,” Bhanot tells The Dispatch, adding that he wants to make people’s lives easier by offering a solution to these issues and challenges.


Bhanot was taught the occult and ethereal secrets of Vedic astrology and Vaastu Shastra by renowned astrologer Dr Ajai Bhambi Ji, who he considers to be a father figure. Gracious as ever in his adoration and gratitude for his Guru, Bhanot has spent more than 16 years studying and practicing the mysterious and magnificent arts of astrology and Vaastu Shastra.


Bhanot practices astrology by the Parashara school, integrating traditional knowledge with cutting-edge concepts to meet modern needs. He is an expert at deciphering the intricate language of the planets and stars and translating it into a form that his clients can understand.


What makes him unique is his readiness to share his knowledge and advice with everyone who wants to improve their life. He is honest in his words, admitting his accuracy percentage is around 85%, considered very good in the astrology field.


For someone so well-established and 16 years of experience with him, Bhanot, however, is humble in his claim that he is just getting started.


So what next? Bhanot says, a lot.


For starters, he is working on creating an app and a website that will simply give access to people who not only wants to connect with him, but also those who want to get updated information about Astrology.


Already making a name for himself across the country, Bhanot is focussing on make a strong impact in the city of Mumbai, Delhi, and other metro cities in India as well as expanding internationally. He is looking for people with similar beliefs and vision to onboard him in his journey.


For someone with the repute and expertise, as well as the vision and will to use his power and experience to benefit and transform the lives of people as Bhanot, anyone investing in him is certain to gain big.


“My message to everyone would be: Expertise lies in healing the malefic influence of cosmic energies through astrology, Vastu shastra, and spiritual counseling. An intense and insightful consulting session can be life-transforming,” says Bhanot.


With his mind set to mentor as many individuals as he can, Bhanot is the perfect Guru if one wants to master the amazing and enigmatic art of astrology.


And if one is looking for directions and insights from the stars regarding their future, Bhanot is easily one of the finest guides for you, through trying times with the knowledge and experience he has gained over the years. He can be reached at +91 7888933521.

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