“How Tarot Counselling is helping me guide millions” Astro Artist Saumya (World’s Youngest Astro-Tarot Counsellor)

December, A time to remember and reflect on the year that passed and plan ahead for the future.

Some might introspect with a journal and pen, others might talk it out with a therapist, and then there are those who take guidance from the universe and look to the stars with their psychic abilities.

Yes, today we are talking about Renowned & Talented Astro-Tarot Reader Saumya. Who is best known for predicting exact dates of events for her clients and helping them take precautions accordingly, all with the help of your Astrological charts & Tarot decks. Being the World Record Holder of Youngest Astro-Tarot Counsellor She can put your story into a greater context and extract life lessons, wisdom, and self-awareness. She says , being a trained counsellor as well ,One of my most popular readings is “Life Story Tarot Reading”—people love, love, love having their life told like a story with exact date of incident which is very rare and unbelievable.

Saumya became Youngest Astro- Tarot Reader(female) and made her record in the International Book Of Records on 31st December, 2020.
On her journey of achieving the World Record and Tarot Counselor (female), she has tried to help as many lives, with not just predictions but a proper Counseling. Her mission is to become a guide who not only predicts the future, but also help to beautify the present. A kind of guide which everybody needed while going through all the tears of helplessness, she wants to be that. But all these success took alot of hard work and patience from her.

“Your child is dyslexic, we cannot teach her with the other children” – a statement her mom usually had to hear in her early childhood due to being dyslexic. It was hard for her family to accept the fact that their child’s brain was not as capable as of others. But well, Pablo Picasso was described by her teachers as ‘having difficulty differentiating the orientation of the letters. While the school staff has given up, her mother never did. That’s where she learnt the power of hope. Although it took rigorous hard work, thousands of sleepless nights and dozens of failures for her to reach here. Yet, now it all seems worth it. It was in her teens, after becoming Miss Rishikesh 2015, she realised the urge and capability to reach the masses and hence, making me unstoppable after that. Always being a different child, she was more into the curiosity of reading people’s minds. Soon at the age of 16, we realised that she was gifted with astonishing intuitive power and started palmistry. She was mocked and appreciated at every function and gatherings for having a hobby, which is very rare for a child to have i.e. Clairvoyance. But her mom being her backbone was always there. Later, in the miss Uttarakhand contest when everyone was showcasing their amazing talents of performing arts, she was the one to do a tarot card reading, becoming the first-ever contestant to do so in a pageant.
Her journey has been a major rollar coaster. She has faced many big failures and struggles in her life. But now when the stands, she sees herself as an independent woman, a talented lady on which her family is proud of. Her Records made her struggle worthy.
She proved that anything is possible if you keep faith on yourself.
Being a psychology graduate, she has been helping people with tarot and counselling.
Astro Artist Soumya is not just a name now, but is a story of a young dyslexic girl who worked hard each night to make her days brighter. She is the perfect example of hard work for all of us.
She says: “Everyone has a magical brains, they just process differently. Don’t feel like you should be held back by it”. Rather try to make this your strength and prove yourself in front of all those who once mocked on you. Be the example for them that hard work always pays off..\







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