Mrwebsecure’s Odyssey: Safeguarding Digital India Since 2016

In an age where digital scams, social media frauds, and OTP scams are rampant, the need for cybersecurity has never been more critical. Recognizing this, Mrwebsecure InfoSolutions Private Limited emerged as a beacon of cyber protection. Founded by Parshuram Vhatkar, a computer engineer with a vision to make digital India safe and secure, Mrwebsecure embarked on an extraordinary journey in 2016, starting from a modest 160 sqft office in Andheri.

In 2016, Mrwebsecure was born with a mission to provide comprehensive training in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security, setting the foundation for its remarkable voyage.

The following year, Mrwebsecure expanded to Thane and introduced the ADIS v1 diploma course. It was a year of growth and innovation.

2018 witnessed Mrwebsecure’s official incorporation as Mrwebsecure Infosolutions Private Limited. A significant tie-up with the EC Council marked a new chapter, and the birth of “Hackoline” catered to the burgeoning community of cybersecurity enthusiasts.


Recognition came knocking in 2019, as Mrwebsecure expanded to Dadar and was honored with the Global Excellence Award (GEA) and the National Achievers Award, cementing its status as a trusted cybersecurity institute.

The Indian Air Force acknowledged Mrwebsecure’s expertise in the field of cybersecurity, further validating its prowess.

In 2021, Mrwebsecure reached a significant milestone, having successfully trained over 10,000 students worldwide through various methods, including workshops, seminars, classroom training, and online courses.

The Indian Air Force recognized Mrwebsecure once again, and the organization hosted a hackers’ meetup with over 200 enthusiastic participants.

The pinnacle was reached in 2023 when Mrwebsecure received recognition from the Government of India through NSDC Skill India and Startup India. This accomplishment underscored its commitment to cybersecurity education.

The Vision Ahead Mrwebsecure’s vision is clear: to be the premier choice for end-to-end cybersecurity training, contributing to the reduction of cyber threats and crimes. With a focus on producing a highly efficient cybersecurity workforce capable of addressing a wide range of security concerns, Mrwebsecure aims to implement cutting-edge tools, technologies, and best practices.

In addition to its training programs, Mrwebsecure has launched a cyber awareness initiative to empower individuals to protect themselves from digital scams and frauds.

Join the Movement As we navigate an increasingly digital world, Mrwebsecure invites everyone to join the mission of safeguarding digital India. With a commitment to producing skilled cybersecurity professionals and fostering a safer online environment, Mrwebsecure is not just an institute but a cybersecurity movement.

Mrwebsecure is not just a cybersecurity institute; it’s a movement dedicated to making the digital world a safer place for all.

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