Gauri Kasbekar’s Take on Social Media, Positivity, and Criticism

Gauri Kasbekar, the talented model and actress, opens up about her career, experiences, and insights into the world of entertainment.

Q1: Can you tell us about your journey into the modeling and entertainment industry and how you got started?

Gauri Kasbekar (GK): My journey into modeling began three years ago when I started working as a fashion model, collaborating with various photographers. Over time, I transitioned into acting, with a focus on making my mark in the entertainment industry.

Q2: What are some of the highlights and memorable experiences from your modeling career so far?

GK: One of the most memorable moments in my career was during a shoot on a sunny afternoon in a hill station. We stumbled upon an open-air lunch spot with a table and umbrella, and we saw it as a unique opportunity. This unplanned shoot turned out to be one of the best experiences I’ve had in my career.

Q3: Rumors and speculation often surround public figures. How do you handle rumors or false information about yourself in the media?

GK: I take rumors in stride. I understand that rumors are a part of any celebrity’s life, but so far, I haven’t faced many related to me. I maintain a positive attitude and don’t let gossip affect my work or me.

Q4: Is there a particular rumor or misconception about you that you’d like to clarify or set straight?

GK: Yes, there is a misconception I’d like to address. I am engaged to K. Kasbekar, who is an engineer. With speculations related to the same and many fans wanting to know about our marriage plans, I can say that marriage is on the cards very soon.

Q5: Social media plays a significant role in today’s modeling industry. How do you manage your online presence and deal with online rumors or negativity?

GK: Social media is a valuable platform for self-promotion, but I don’t entirely depend on it. Ultimately, it’s the contacts you build and maintain that may get you work further. I’ve been fortunate to have genuine fans who appreciate my work, and I value the love and respect I receive from them. I don’t let negativity affect me.

Q6: Can you share some insights into the challenges and pressures faced by models in the industry, especially when it comes to public perception and gossip?

GK: This industry is challenging, and getting work is not easy with so much competition. Facing these challenges, staying strong, and self-motivation are the only ways out. Gossip is a part of it, so I take it with a pinch of salt.

Q7: What advice would you give to aspiring models who might face rumors or criticism as they start their careers?

GK: My advice to aspiring models would be to face every challenge or criticism positively and learn from it. That will help you grow better and improve in the field.

Q8: Tell us about your upcoming projects or initiatives that you’re excited about and would like your fans to know.

GK: On the career front, there is a shoot lined up soon, so stay tuned for that.

Q9: How do you maintain a positive and confident mindset in an industry known for its scrutiny and judgment?

GK: Everyone gets judgmental at a point, but I don’t let it affect my work or me. Staying calm and positive is the best way to stay focused on my work.

Q10: In the age of social media, privacy can be a concern. How do you balance your public image with your personal life and boundaries?

GK: Everyone keeps certain things private, especially their private life. I’m no different. With media and paparazzi, it’s a bit difficult, but I have my team to manage things well. Currently, I’m busy with Ganesh Chaturthi, so there’s no time for outings. (laughs)

Gauri Kasbekar’s journey in the modeling and entertainment industry is marked by resilience, positivity, and a commitment to growth. Her advice for aspiring models is to face challenges with grace and use them as stepping stones toward success. As she continues to rise in her career, her fans can look forward to her upcoming projects and initiatives.

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