Gaurav Ralhan : Founder of Health on Top Interview

Health on Top

Health on Top is one of the most significant health and lifestyle stores in the East Indian region. It is the largest outlet for organic products from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. They deal with organic groceries, gym equipment, fitness accessories, fitness apparel, and mobility aids like wheelchairs, walking sticks, etc. They also deal in home health care products like blood pressure monitoring machines, glucometers, etc. The company is also an institution. They have their own hospitals and gym setups. The organization aims to assist and guide the population in the direction of wellness and healthy living. Health on top is the ultimate brand that takes care of your health from every aspect.


The founder of Health on Top, Mr. Gaurav Ralhan says, “ yes! Health on Top is a business house, but also is a movement”.  He says so because the brand believes that health cannot be put into a bracket and cannot be categorized. When we talk about health and wellness the brand not only focuses on humans but also on environmental wellbeing. The brand’s motif is to resolve a cause and redefine health. The hospital equipment and organic groceries that the brand provides are all in-house goods, Made and grown in India, and they are also open to the high-end equipment and technologies that are exported from foreign countries.

The company Health on Top came into existence approximately 1 and ½ years back on 29 January 2021. When COVID-19 struck, the world went through a serious crisis Gaurav came up with the concept of this brand “ health on top”.


“Funds were never an issue”, says Gaurav. His father did the main funding for the company, he says, “ when you do good for people and work for them, the god helps you and he makes your path Hurdle free”. Apart from initial hiccups, all the hard paths were curtailed by his faith in god, dedication, sincere efforts, and no greed. This is the simple mantra that kept him away from all sorts of hurdles so far. Gaurav believes in living life today instead of thinking about tomorrow, he says he never dream of being anything in his life but he believed in the fate that will lead him somewhere well because he always tried to follow in his parent’s footsteps and always focussed on being a good human being in life. His main goal in life was to make his parents proud.

Indeed all of Gaurav’s hard work paid off and today Health on top is standing at its height. During the time of the covid pandemic, they had an enormous business keeping minimal profit in that time of crisis. The distributed oxygen cylinder at free cost and sold N-47 masks at the minimal cost of Rs.12.50/- only when the world was taking advantage of this pandemic and letting their greed to takeover, Health on top stood its ground to honesty and with a mindset to work in favor for people and their needs. Health on Top is more into government sales and providing men power into the hospitals as per their requirements and needs, also they are working on availing trained nursing staff at home. They are also aspiring to spread the business and aim to be in all the state cities in India by the year 2025, and by 2027  they are also aiming to expand to foreign countries.


All the brand ever wanted is a smile on the customers’ faces. Currently, they are a strength of 10 sales staff and a total of 100 service providers working day and night for the company to take good care of its customers’ health and bring smiles to their faces. Not only the consumer of their brand’s products but they also serve the consumers of other brands in need. They say, “ you buy it from anybody, we will serve you anyway”.


The company is doing its best for society and its people, Gaurav quotes at the end,” let’s be social entrepreneurs than just financial entrepernerurs”.


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