Zinmatt: Changing Education for Everyone.

In today’s world, knowing how to use computers and the internet is super important. However, learning these skills can be expensive. That’s where Zinmatt comes in. It’s a special place created by a person named Manish Rawat to teach you these skills, and guess what? It doesn’t cost any money!

How Zinmatt Started

Zinmatt began because Manish Rawat saw a student who was really sad. This student had paid a lot of money to learn digital stuff at another school, but they didn’t learn much. Manish felt bad for them, so he decided to start Zinmatt. He wanted to give people a chance to learn without worrying about how much it costs.

Learning Cool Stuff for Free

At Zinmatt, you can learn lots of cool things like how to make websites, and cool graphics, edit videos, and even get better at social media. Normally, other places charge you a ton of money for these courses, but at Zinmatt, it’s all free! Plus, they help you for six whole months to make sure you understand everything.

Zinmatt believes that education should be for everyone, not just people with a lot of money. They’re all about sharing knowledge with as many people as possible.

Certificates That Help You

When you finish a course at Zinmatt, they give you a certificate. It’s like a special paper that says you’re good at what you learned. These certificates can help you find good jobs. So, you not only learn new skills, but you also get something to show for it.

Learning By Doing

Manish Rawat, the person who started Zinmatt, believes that you learn better by actually doing things, not just by reading books. He knows this because he’s learned a lot by trying and sometimes failing. He thinks failing is okay because it helps you become better.

At Zinmatt, you don’t just sit and listen; you actually get to do things and practice what you learn. That’s how you become really good at something.

Success Stories

Zinmatt has already helped over 10,000 students, and many of them have great jobs now. Some of them work as digital marketers, and they earn a lot of money. This shows that Zinmatt’s way of teaching really works!

Zinmatt’s Expanding

Zinmatt started in Delhi NCR, but now it’s also in Patna and other places. They have a team of more than 40 smart people who want to help students succeed. They’re growing and helping more and more people learn.

In the end, Zinmatt is not just a place to learn; it’s a place that believes in you and wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to succeed. It’s making education simpler and fairer for everyone, and that’s something pretty amazing.




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