Vishuddh Properties: Setting New Standards in Real Estate

In the pursuit of our ideal abode, we yearn for safety, luxury, affordability, and sustainability—each person with their unique vision of the perfect home. Vishuddh Properties stands as the beacon to transform these dreams into tangible realities.

For 35 years, Vishuddh Properties, under the visionary leadership of Y. A. Venkatesh and Diwakar Subhashraju, has woven a legacy of gated communities across Bangalore and Karnataka. Recognizing that a home is more than just a property, it’s a culmination of dreams and hard-earned money, the company pledges to make every investment not just profitable but a cherished asset for generations.

Setting new benchmarks, Vishuddh distinguishes its projects through meticulous planning and unique features. A shining example is the Canterbury Hillview project, a joint venture with Canterbury Castles. Strategically located near Nandi Hills, it offers an enchanting view with the added dimension of partnering with Tripvillas for managing holiday homes, promising rental incomes for investors.

Adhering strictly to legalities and ensuring crystal clear titles, projects like Canterbury Hillview exemplify the company’s commitment to compliance, facilitating trust and easy resale for buyers. With BMRDA and RERA approval, this project aligns with government norms, making bank loans accessible for aspiring homeowners.

Canterbury Hillview goes beyond mere real estate; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Buyers not only acquire villas but also gain lifetime membership at Canterbury Castles Clubhouse—a microcosm of luxury and leisure. This joint venture, having sold out its initial phase, plans to extend with 35 more plots, where bank loans are available for interested buyers.

Embedded in every project are Vishuddh’s indispensable business principles: value, transparency, efficiency, and compliance. Deep market understanding and customer preferences ensure a high return on investment for clients, making their vision a reality.

Vishuddh boasts a diverse portfolio catering to various needs and tastes. Flagship projects like Vishuddh Anandam, Vishuddh Tranquil, and Vishuddh Prakruthi address different lifestyles and preferences, integrating sustainable practices into every facet.

The commitment to eco-friendliness is evident—from green landscapes to conscientious construction material choices. Pneumatic pumps replace traditional tanks, in-built water purifiers negate plastic bottles, and a strict no-plastic policy showcases an environmentally conscious approach.

Looking ahead, Vishuddh’s expansion beyond Bangalore reflects a commitment to diverse landscapes. With projects in Nandi Hills, Kanakapura Road, Whitefield, and Sarjapur, the company’s presence is both varied and purposeful. The vision to build 75 to 100 more acres within a year, focusing on northern Bangalore and strategic locations like the upcoming STRR road, signifies a commitment to growth.

Beyond being a real estate company, Vishuddh stands as a responsible and conscientious entity, caring for the environment and society. In the journey of crafting homes and fulfilling aspirations, Vishuddh is a true companion—building trust, dreams, and lasting legacies without explicit mention of influence principles.


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