Varsha Rani ‘Mashaal’: Nurturing Emotional Intelligence in Education


In the realm of education, the role of emotional intelligence has long been undervalued and underestimated. However, individuals like Varsha Rani “Mashaal” are changing the landscape of education in India by emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence, Mathematics education, and life skills development. Varsha’s inspiring journey from a Mathematics teacher to an Emotional Intelligence Coach is a testament to her dedication and passion for helping children navigate the complex world of emotions while excelling academically. She is an impactful counselor and motivator too.


Varsha’s educational journey began with a strong foundation in Mathematics. Armed with a Master’s degree in Maths, Master’s degree in Business Administration, B.ed and a certificate in guidance and counseling from IGNOU, she embarked on a career in education that would span 13 years. During this time, she worked in various schools, including government and convent institutions, gaining a deep understanding of the challenges students face.


One common issue Varsha noticed throughout her career was the inadequate handling of emotions among students. Students struggling with emotional challenges, such as coping with the loss of a parent, separation of parents, often experienced a decline in their academic performance. Sadly, there was often no one available to guide and support them.

Driven by her passion for helping children and her commitment to their emotional well-being, Varsha Rani “Mashaal” made a life-changing decision. She voluntarily resigned from a well-paying teaching job to pursue her mission of working with children in a motivating and counseling capacity. She likes to be addressed as “Student Success Coach” or “Emotional Intelligence Coach”.

Her husband’s unwavering support and financial stability assurance played a crucial role in this bold step.


Varsha began her journey as Student Success Coach on 15th August, a date symbolic of India’s independence and her own liberation from a well-reputed school (Somerville School, Noida). Her dedication, expertise, and genuine care for children quickly gained recognition. She now operates in the Delhi NCR region and across India, providing counseling services related to emotional intelligence to students.


Varsha’s work has not gone unnoticed. During parent-teacher meetings, she has received appreciation from parents for her role as a Mathematics teacher and a true counselor. Her approach goes beyond academics; she touches the lives of children by nurturing their emotional intelligence and life skills.

Varsha Rani’s journey is a beacon of hope in the field of education. Her story highlights the critical role that emotional intelligence plays in a student’s overall development. Through her dedication and sacrifice, she has proven that with the right guidance and support, children can overcome emotional challenges and excel academically. Varsha’s impact on the lives of countless children serves as a testament to the power of dedication, motivation, and emotional intelligence in education. Her journey is a source of inspiration for educators, parents, and students alike.


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