Ujwal Kumar Dey: A Beat That Transcends

Ujwal Kumar Dey, a multifaceted artist and instrumentalist, stands out as a luminary in the world of music. Graduating from Amity University, Ujwal has honed his craft on percussion instruments, earning him the moniker “UKD on Percussions.” With a repertoire boasting proficiency in over 15 instruments, Ujwal’s performances ignite audiences, inviting them to “Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Heat.”

Ujwal’s journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to music amidst familial responsibilities. Hailing from a small town, he navigated the competitive landscape of the music industry, balancing his passion with the weight of family obligations. Despite the challenges, Ujwal’s talent and perseverance shine through, earning him accolades and recognition.

Rooted in tradition, Ujwal completed his Visharad (graduation) from the esteemed Lucknow Gharana, enriching his musical prowess. His mastery of the tabla is exemplified by his consecutive victories in North East cultural competitions, a testament to his unparalleled skill and dedication.

Ujwal’s stage presence is electrifying, with over 2000 hit shows to his credit. However, beyond the spotlight, his motivation stems from his unwavering support system—his parents. Their encouragement fuels his determination to excel, driving him to push boundaries and achieve greatness.

Looking ahead, Ujwal sets his sights on expanding his reach and making his mark in the industry. With each performance, he not only entertains but also inspires others to pursue their passions relentlessly. As he continues to scale new heights, Ujwal invites enthusiasts to connect with him through his social media channels, where his captivating performances await.

Follow Ujwal Kumar Dey on Instagram @ukdonpercussions and witness the magic of his music unfold. Experience the rhythm, feel the heat, and embark on a musical journey with this rising star percussionist.

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