“Together at the Top: Abhishek Mahankal and TRADR’s Support for Young Traders”

What TRADR Is?

TRADR trading Academy is central India’s premium stock market training institute in Nagpur functioning under Mr Abhishek Mahankal.


What TRADR Provides?

TRADR Trading Academy provides ISO Certified, class leading offline, personal training for trading in Indian stock market.


The program aims to turn you from a beginner to professional independent trader with an interactive and practical trading approach.


Abhishek Mahankal, the Founder of TRADR started and now emerging his career as a Financial Trainer. Know more about how he started his career form a community of traders.


When most people face failure, Abhishek Mahankal, Founder of TRADR took it as an opportunity to learn and achieve greater success. He began investing in stocks and shares, and in a certain period, he built a sustainable wealth over time. He defines himself as a blessed man who has understood the power of knowledge and execution after losing a lakh. Today, his journey is dedicated to spreading financial awareness by mentoring people through workshops and online videos on building wealth without losing time or money


Who is Abhishek Mahankal ?

Abhishek is a young entrepreneur who has come up with an innovative and effective way to teach stock market trading. Since his journey began, he has built a community of more than 38,000+ . Today at TRADR, Abhishek and his team are creating professional traders, guiding youth toward a successful career in Indian Financial Markets, and spreading financial awareness among youth through education and training.


Apart from the social media campaign to inspire a million and more, Abhishek Mahankal’s team TRADR has always found unique ways to attract and inspire the youth. He aims for them to achieve full financial freedom with proper risk management, which is the need of the hour to live the fancy Instagram lifestyle everybody is obsessed with.


The office is full of enthusiasm and pumped for any and every challenge, even if all odds are against them, they’ve risen higher than ever, and his leadership keeps pushing them beyond all.


He is very approachable and always there to support young traders to grow to their fullest potential. The team wants to see everyone on top, as the tagline says – ‘ LET’S REACH THE TOP TOGETHER.

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