SMITHA KULKARNI: Who Writes To Engineer The Human Souls

“ I have a lot of stories in my mind which i know, have the potential to inspire the world”, says smitha kulkarni, a brilliant writer, experienced engineer, loving wife, and caring mother of two kids. Even after having a high paying, a brilliant white-collar job in a reputed organization, she couldn’t give up on her dreams of writing and today she is a well-known writer. Her writing style is attracting people because of its genuineness. People can easily relate to her words because of their originality.
Smitha is from a small town near the world heritage site of hampi in karnataka. A place where every monument and ruin has a story to tell. Smitha’s birthplace and its influences have had a significant impact on her writing journey.
According to. Smitha started writing professionally only in 2019, but right from her childhood, she knew she wanted to write. Even at an early age, she used to create her own stories, poems, and fiction. But because of the uncertainty related to this career, she chose to do her graduation with and got placed in a very reputed company.
After working there for ten long years, this was only in 2019, that she got some time to explore her passion.
When asked why she chose writing the stories instead of expressing her experience through film, painting, music, or dance she said, “ at present, i am surrounded by certain circumstances of life, and writing a book is a more manageable form for me because the majority of the book writing is done in solitude. I need team only when i am done with my writing”.

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Beginning of a new journey

The writing was initially a small idea that came to her mind during her 2nd child’s maternity period. She started her journey of writing with a short story on one of the blogging websites. When she discussed this idea with her husband, he was enthusiastic and suggested her to expand it into a novel rather than a short story.
This motivated SMITHA to compile her journey as a novel and this is how her journey as a full-time writer began. She took a break from her IT job and started writing professionally.
“when you enjoy doing something there is no boundary to it. You will not give up by saying I don’t have time rather you will try to create the time for it. “I started writing whenever I could, on the balcony, on the terrace, in the kitchen, or wherever I could find solitude and time to write,” SMITHA says.
Even in the covid times when she didn’t have domestic help to do chores, she would finish her work and get back to writing. She finished a huge portion of novel in those panicking days. “Writing gives me joy and it gives me a kind of refugee from everything happening around me.I find peace in writing” Says SMITHA KULKARNI when asked how you could manage to write even during panicking situation of COVID.


With her consistent hard work , patience, creativity and experience she is going to introduce her 1st novel in market very soon.
This novel is very special and close to her heart. In this novel she has very beautifully elaborated how each human has one life and not each of us get the opportunity to choose what we want to do. She has shown how our choices get influenced by the society. How our parents, siblings, closest friends influence our journey and what important role is played by the culture, religion, nationality in deciding our choices of life, profession and many other things. How few people cannot withstand that pressure and end up selecting wrong career choices for themselves.
In this novel, there is boy named “SAMAY” who faces similar situations in his life and get distracted from his real destination. He is stuck in some corporate job where his body works for sure but his heart and soul cries and each day he prays to get freedom.

This novel covers his journey such as what happened in his life, whom he met, and how his life transformed
It’s not only SAMAY’s story today but an inspiration for the millions who are stuck in similar situation but aren’t capable to take a risk and follow their dreams.

Challenges as writer

Following the passion as our career is not always equipped with happiness. It can be a journey filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life.
“writing is not something you find, it is something you have to develop within you.and this development comes through experiences which cannot always be good.but ultimately you become finer and more creative with each experience”, says smitha kulkarni when asked about her source of inspiration.
She considers markus zusak, khaled hosseine, jhumpa lahiri and preeti shenoy as her inspiration and says she has been a great reader of their writings.
When asked about other challenges as writer she said ,”you need to have self discipline and your pocket is not always full when you are into writing, specially the new writers .even when writing is done, getting it published is a big task and you have to go through many struggles”.
The stories that are written from her hands are weaved straight from her heart.

Future Goals

She is looking forward to write more books. With every books she wants to write about something new, something which is the real inspiration and motivation for people. Along with writing she wants to read a lot. There are many novels which she couldn’t read in these years because of college and job. So stay tuned with her as she is going to come up with her many masterpieces very soon.

Popular quotes of Smitha kulkarni

  • “Those who chased big dreams: While losing their inner peace, Were left with the broken piece. Those who chased for inner peace While dreaming big, Were given the universe!”
  • “Heart is a precious gemstone — Unique, radiant & strong Don’t spend it on unworthy who thinks it is a fragile piece of glass Invest on the chisels who carve it.”
  • One day You’ll sail back here to spot me i’ll be the same steady stone Controlling the flow of water While you were getting carried away Like a fancy paper boat
  • Some losses in life light a fire under our spirits. However, those ashes must become a storm & incarnate your soul into a more powerful form, greater than ever before.


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