“Rishi Aikat: Unveiling the Musical Journey of Rishivurr Music”

Rishi Aikat, widely known as Rishivurr Music, hails from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, with Bengali roots. Born and raised in a family where music resonated in every corner, his parents played a significant role in nurturing his talent. Mr. Prosenjit Aikat, his father, an engineer, and Mrs. Piu Aikat, his mother, a teacher, instilled a deep love for music within him. Rishi attended Little Flower School in Jamshedpur for his matriculation and pursued his 12th grade through open schooling. Presently, he is pursuing a B.Tech degree in Computer Science from Amity University in Delhi, where he currently resides in Uttarakhand.

Musical Roots:

Rishi’s musical journey began at the tender age of three. Growing up in a household enriched with Bengali culture, music was ingrained in his genes. He attributes his inspiration to his mother, a skilled classical singer, whose talent captivated him. Starting with the keyboard or Casio, Rishi embarked on a thirteen-year-long journey of continuous learning, mastering the instrument. Music became his lifeline, a source of solace during low moments in life. Recalling his initial motivation, Rishi cherishes his mother’s gift of a small keyboard, challenging him to excel and earn a bigger one. These incidents helped him realize his immense talent and potential. Additionally, Rishi admires the legendary Beethoven, finding himself in awe every time he listens to his music.
Acknowledging his guru, Rishi expresses profound gratitude to Mr. Rohi, his teacher, who patiently guided him from the very basics of keyboard playing. Rishi’s admiration extends to DJ Snake, who played a pivotal role in sparking his interest in pursuing a career as a DJ. Inspired by DJ Snake’s life story and energized by his music, Rishi found a source of motivation.

Journey Till Now:

Rishivurr’s musical journey kicked off during his 9th grade when he experienced his first taste of performing at The Dugout, a club in Jamshedpur. This initial exposure provided him with a platform to refine his skills and gain a fundamental understanding of the profession. Although his family occasionally expressed concerns about a young boy performing in lounges throughout the night, they ultimately understood his passion and steadfastly supported him.
From that point on, Rishivurr never looked back. He credits his elder sister, Rishika Aikat, for providing timely advice and fighting on his behalf with their parents when necessary, crucially shaping his career. Rishika’s motivation pushed him to move to Delhi, where he found greater opportunities. Working at prominent five-star venues like Soho Delhi (where he currently works), Privee, Mhouz, Key Nightclub, The Knot, The Agni, The Code, and Lord of Drinks East, Rishi’s talent began to shine. Additionally, he organizes his own shows outside of Delhi, seeking broader exposure and financial stability.


Rishivurr music’s list of accomplishments is extensive, starting from a young age when he participated in various competitions at the school and national levels. Even as a fourth-grader, he fearlessly competed against older students in higher grades and consistently secured first place. Rishivurr firmly believes that age and access to resources cannot define talent. He remains steadfast in his positive outlook, emphasizing that talent resides within individuals and cannot be removed.

Through strategic planning, collaborations, networking, and channeling his energy effectively, rishivurr now performs in over 30 shows each month. However, he believes these numbers pale in comparison to his true potential. His ultimate goal is to create a collective of Indian DJs.
Recent Gigs of Rishivurr music are⭐️:-

-Playboy club DL
– MHouz DL
– Dugout Jamshedpur
– Telco Mega nite
– Lupita Jamshedpur
– Loyola school FEST 2021
– Little Flower School 2019
– Carmel Junior College.

Message from Rishi for upcoming DJs:

He says: As a DJ who has experienced the joy and challenges of this profession, I want to extend a warm welcome and offer some words of guidance as you embark on your journey. I would suggest Practice, practice, practice! Spend countless hours honing your technical skills, from beatmatching and mixing to using effects and mastering different DJing software and equipment. The more you practice, the more confident and fluid you will become behind the decks. Never underestimate the power of preparation—it will set you apart from the rest. Networking is crucial in the world of DJing. Attend events, and connect with fellow DJs, promoters, and industry professionals.
Finally, never lose sight of your passion for music. Stay true to yourself and the art form that brought you here. DJing is an ever-evolving field, so stay curious, stay hungry, and keep pushing your boundaries. The road to success might not always be smooth, but you can achieve greatness with perseverance, dedication, and a deep love for what you do.


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