Mehul Purohit: Founder Of Multiphase Digital.

Mehul Purohit is the founder and CEO of Multiphase Digital. I graduated from Mumbai and for the past five years, I have been running my own company.

Multiphase Digital is a branding company that specializes in providing a wide range of digital marketing services, including press releases, social media marketing, and more. We help small businesses, people, goods, and services to grow and promote them at the least possible charges. Our approach is based on empathy and we believe that once a start-up is well-established, we will have a client for life. We promote all kinds of people, goods, and services to give them a fair chance of growth.

We have India’s biggest content writing team, providing the best SEO services. Additionally, we offer some unique services in digital branding such as IMDb creation and Google Knowledge Panel creation.

My passion is my work and I also love traveling and exploring new things.

In 2022, I was awarded the youngest Entrepreneur of Asia. I am also a renowned speaker at many big educational institutions. I have provided my services to more than 2000 customers, which is a big achievement for me. Recently, I was featured in The Entrepreneurs of India and Founder’s Filter Magazine.

The good experience is that I have gained a lot of diverse experience in a short period of time, and I am enjoying every second of my life because I live it on my own terms. The bad part is that when I was 15, I lost my father and we faced many problems. That time was crucial for me.

My tagline is “Kisi ka pati banne se pehle Mujhe Crorepati bnanni hai” which means “I want to be a millionaire before becoming someone’s husband” I just want to tell all the youngsters that whatever you do, do it with dedication and passion and do what you love. Identify your passion as early as possible and have some dreams and make them come true.

My inspiration is every self-made person who is doing something different and great in his or her life.

I am currently working on various projects related to my company, Multiphase Digital.

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