: India’s Premier Influencer Marketplace Ushering in a New Era of Influencer Marketing

MUMBAI, INDIA – Today marks the launch of, India’s first-ever dedicated influencer marketplace, setting an unparalleled benchmark in the realm of influencer marketing. With its cutting-edge platform, is poised to transform the digital landscape by bridging authentic connections between brands, influencers, and users like never before.

“In a rapidly evolving digital space, authenticity, transparency, and genuine collaborations are of paramount importance. With, we are proud to introduce a platform that fosters these values at its core,” said Hemant Gupta, Director of “Our platform isn’t just about numbers, but more about building meaningful relationships. It’s where brands, irrespective of their size, can seamlessly connect with influencers that align with their ethos, ensuring a win-win for everyone involved.”

The platform’s arrival is timely. With the influencer marketing industry booming globally, India, home to a vast digital populace, has been waiting for a dedicated space where influencers can showcase their talents, brands can amplify their messages, and users can find genuine content that resonates.

With its user-friendly interface, advanced search functionalities, and a plethora of tools to streamline collaborations, is set to become the go-to hub for all influencer marketing needs in India.

The platform aims to redefine industry standards by emphasizing authenticity, facilitating seamless collaborations, and ensuring that every partnership yields meaningful results.’s commitment to excellence and innovation is clear, promising a future where influencer marketing in India is not just influential but revolutionary.

About is India’s first dedicated influencer marketplace, aiming to revolutionize the influencer marketing landscape. The platform is built on the pillars of authenticity, transparency, and genuine collaboration, bridging the gap between brands, influencers, and users.

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