From Doubt to Belief: Upashana’s Family’s Journey with He

Upashana Sarkar Banerjee, a multifaceted individual, has carved a unique path encompassing diverse roles as an influencer, creator, senior medical coder, and health insurance claims specialist. Her journey is marked by perseverance, creative exploration, and a commitment to breaking societal norms.

Upashana’s achievements span various domains, from her groundbreaking work in medical coding and health insurance to her success as a published author. Her debut book, “Whispering Echoes,” not only garnered acclaim but also earned her the prestigious 21st Century Emily Dickinson Award, a testament to her literary prowess.

As a versatile creator, Upashana ventured into the world of music, initially performing live on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Milive. Realizing the poetic essence of songs, she transitioned into crafting evocative poems, showcasing her ability to express herself through diverse mediums.

Upashana’s journey was far from easy. Originating from a traditional family, she encountered skepticism and doubt regarding her artistic pursuits. Undeterred, she faced challenges of financial instability, loneliness, and mental health struggles during her solo move to Bangalore at the age of 18. Despite facing adversities, she persisted in pursuing her dreams, emerging stronger through self-healing and love.

The toxic work environment further tested her resolve, with colleagues discouraging her blogging endeavors. Nevertheless, she rose above negativity, contributing medical notes to an online journal while nurturing her creative flame.

Amidst the trials, Upashana found unwavering support in her husband, her high school sweetheart. Her family’s belief in her capabilities strengthened after witnessing her achievements, reflecting the transformative power of resilience and determination.

Her motivation stems from various sources, including her love for music, high school love story, and a desire to challenge gender stereotypes. Upashana aspires to showcase that success knows no gender boundaries.


Upashana’s goals extend beyond personal achievements. With a substantial following on Instagram, she aims to provide the best recommendations, create compelling art, music, and poems, and spread positivity through her content. Her aspirations include making a positive impact on someone’s day, fostering a safe environment for stray animals, and advocating for mental health awareness.

In her pursuit of a fulfilling life, Upashana embraces her role as a proud pet owner to Lucyfurr, her sleek and mysterious black Bombay cat.

Upashana Sarkar Banerjee’s journey serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that resilience, creativity, and passion can propel individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams. Through her diverse talents and unwavering spirit, she not only defies societal expectations but also advocates for important causes, such as mental health awareness. Upashana’s story is a testament to the transformative power of self-belief and determination.

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