Bommali Premasagar: From Self-Taught Artist to Recognized Talent

Bommali Premasagar, an aspiring artist and a dedicated individual, has overcome various obstacles and struggles to pursue his passion for art. From a young age, premasagar found solace in creating artwork, and his dedication and perseverance have led him to achieve recognition, including an appreciation from the prestigious ‘India Book of Records.’ This article delves into premasagar’s journey, highlighting his educational background, turning point, obstacles faced, artistic experiences, and notable awards.


Bommali Premasagar holds a Master’s degree in Arts (M.A) and a Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed). However, it was during his school days that he discovered his innate talent for art. Although he pursued his studies, Premasagar decided to follow his passion and chose a career in art. This turning point marked a significant shift in his life, as he dedicated himself to honing his artistic skills and making a mark in the field.


While pursuing his artistic dreams, Premsagar encountered various obstacles and faced numerous challenges. He also explored opportunities in government jobs and appeared for several exams. Despite coming close to securing two jobs, as a teacher and a sub-inspector, Premsagar missed out on both opportunities by a narrow margin of nearly six marks. Undeterred by these setbacks, he persevered and continued preparing for competitive exams while simultaneously exploring chances in the film industry.


Premsagar’s passion for art has led him to experiment with different mediums and techniques. From oil painting and watercolors to graphite and charcoal pencil arts, he has explored various styles, always striving to create realistic and captivating artwork. Though realistic artwork presented a challenge, premasagar found immense joy and satisfaction in the process.


In 2022, Premsagar achieved a significant milestone in his artistic career. He received appreciation from the ‘India Book of Records’ for creating 25 realistic artworks of Indian actress Keerthy Suresh on A4 sheets. This remarkable feat not only earned him a prestigious accolade but also caught the attention of Keerthy Suresh herself. The actress took notice of premasagar’s work on Instagram and Twitter, congratulating him personally for his exceptional talent.


Premasagar’s journey from a self-taught artist to gaining recognition and appreciation for his artwork is truly inspiring. Despite facing obstacles and missing out on job opportunities, Premsagar’s remained steadfast in pursuing his passion. His dedication and love for art have resulted in numerous accomplishments, including the recognition from the ‘India Book of Records’ and the heartfelt appreciation from actress Keerthy Suresh. Premsagar’s story serves as a reminder to follow one’s dreams, no matter the challenges faced along the way, and to persistently pursue one’s passions with unwavering determination.






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