Ajit Singh Chaddha’s ambitious vision: Transforming Deogarh into Ayodhya of the East

In a strategic move that blends business acumen with cultural aspirations, Ajit Singh Chaddha, President of the Cryptocurrency Global Association, is joining forces with the King of Brunei to explore India’s vast potential. With a special focus on the state of Jharkhand, the pair have set their sights on Deogarh and envision it as the Ayodhya of the East.

Ajit Singh Chaddha, of Indian origin and now based in Dubai, has decided to turn to his motherland for new prospects and growth. His vision for Deogarh included not only business ventures, but also a deeper cultural and spiritual dimension, in which he sought the blessings of Lord Shiva for the prosperity of the city.

The cornerstone of this ambitious project is government cooperation, as Ajit Singh Chaddha aims to connect with the authorities to ensure seamless implementation of his plans. Focusing on Deogarh, located in Jharkhand, is a deliberate choice, with an emphasis on developing the region as a major hub.

The proposed real estate project includes construction of hotels and development of tourism infrastructure. It aims not only to boost the local economy but also to establish Deogarh as a major destination for both business and leisure travelers. This initiative is in line with the broader goal of promoting economic development in the region.
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