Youngest and fastest growing Enterpreneur of meerut : Satyam singhal

Satyam singhal is a young aspiring entrepreneur, educator, marketing expert and a content creator. Satyam is best known for his work in the field of affiliate marketing.

Youngest and fastest growing Enterpreneur of meerut.

Satyam singhal “Digital marketing has a bigger reach. This is the most potent benefit of the digital medium. Digital marketing is less costly and increases revenue.

It is the dream of every business to earn maximum profits with the investment of less money”.

He started his online journey back in 2021, from a multi level marketing called fortune, with a bit of knowledge and less experience , He was not aware of tactics of this field and wanted a real growth. Satyam considers himself to be a Self-reliant person who don’t want to be   dependent upon anyone.

Now he has started affiliate marketing with Grow partners and others from August 2022 , and generated revenue of more than 3 lakh. His is constantly achieving his Targets with his dedication and assiduous mindset.

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background and struggle.

Satyam singhal is just 20 years old, and currently spending all his time in building himself. He gives proper attention towards his studies as well. He is a student of third year. Satyam is the only son of his parents. His father died thirteen years ago. Now Satyam is the breadwinner and earing his living.

All life demands struggle. Satyam singhal confronted with many ups and downs in his life. He was alone from the very young age. He was depressed and was very unsure about his life and career. He faced many breakdown during his journey. He fronted a lot of negativity and criticism from the society and friends. No one trusted him and this digital market.He devoted great effort towards the achievement for his goal. He was financially not supported in the beginning, but anyhow started with his own savings. He never lose courage in his tough times.

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Satyam singhal– ” world is open for you, explore yourself. We are digital youth, we have new ways to earn other than traditional jobs. Don’t use mobile phone just for entertainment, start earning and give people a reason to appreciate you”.

We asked Satyam singhal to tell about this multi level marketing and affiliate marketing to our readers, as many get confused in this two things.

Satyam singhal_” Multi Level marketing and affiliate marketing both are business models. They have huge dissimilarity, that people often confuse. MLM requires high start-up cost. Here publisher has to buy kit to sell products, which are of many range and price. It is more depended on network. There is bulk of earning through recruiting members.
On other hand affiliate marketing is free to start. It is a performance based promoting system. Publisher simple create content. They are free to choose what product to sell. Revenues are generate through sales commission”.


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