UrBot: Your One-Stop Shop for Urban Gardening Solutions

UrBot brings a one-stop solution right to your doorstep.

UrBot is completely transforming the way people approach urban gardening, paving the way for a sustainable future. Thanks to the CEO and founder of UrBot, Bhumika Aggarwal. This innovative horti-tech marketplace connects gardeners and manufacturers to consumers. Offering a wide range of services and products to address the unique challenges faced by both groups.

Bhumika’s journey into the world of urban gardening began with an eye-opening experience at an exhibition in Pune, India. Her journey from an economics honours major to the helm of an ambitious horti-tech platform is nothing short of inspiring. In that exhibition, she realised that there was a significant gap between consumers and the market in horticulture and agriculture, and she was determined to bridge that divide.  After a year of research, she launched UrBot in February 2023.

One of the significant challenges in urban gardening is finding reliable gardeners at an affordable price. To address this issue, they have come up with a solution: their e-commerce app, which provides a platform for gardeners to connect with the community. By adding a volume to their service, gardeners can increase their income while reducing the need to search for clients, making it a win-win situation for both parties. From this, they aim to solve the major problems and challenges that consumers face while looking for gardeners and help gardeners reach out to potential clients. With their innovative solutions, urban gardening will become even more accessible and sustainable. 

UrBot is here to create a community for gardeners. For this, Bhumika has partnered with the Indian Nursery Association in that sense. Where nurseries can connect with gardeners to deliver plants in record time within – 24 to 42 hours – according to the pincode-wise locality. And they are providing the technological solution for that. This will empower individuals to come together and create a thriving community known as Urbotians. They aim to connect vendors and gardeners with consumers. While ensuring fair pricing and quality service. The platform’s technology harnesses modern features with educational content to empower users. Through this approach, Bhumika and her team UrBot, have fostered a network of gardeners and plant enthusiasts who can connect, learn, and grow together.

UrBot stands out for its complete gardening solutions that will meet the demands of B2B and B2C customers. It has an e-commerce website, and soon they are opting to launch an app that will soon allow users to schedule garden services and order products effortlessly.

UrBot’s focus on technology is also a standout. Their upcoming app comes with AI and AR features so that consumers can access cutting-edge tools to optimise their gardening experience. Additionally, UrBot provides educational resources to help users understand organic and inorganic substances with best practices for nurturing their green companions and promoting sustainable gardening practices.

This is just the beginning of a revolutionary industry. As time passes, people will understand that UrBot is the result of Bhumika Aggarwal’s deep passion for solving real-world problems. She identified a significant gap in the horticulture and agriculture markets and embarked on a year of research to create a platform that bridges that divide. With her commitment to creating a greener, more fulfilling lifestyle for all, UrBot is setting up to transform the way we approach urban gardening.

UrBot is revolutionising urban gardening with its groundbreaking solutions. And they have endless potential. Not only will UrBot continue to expand and innovate, but like Bhumika, it will also inspire other young women to pursue their passions fearlessly. By breaking down barriers and defying societal expectations, UrBot is a trailblazer that is making a lasting impact on the world. Their prospects hold great promise for a greener world and a more fulfilling lifestyle for everyone.


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