Unveiling Crazy Vibes: Amit Dhore’s Path to Musical Glory

In the ever-evolving world of music, few DJs manage to make a mark as distinctive as Amit Dhore, popularly known as Crazy Vibes. Armed with an event management degree, Crazy Vibes combines his academic prowess with an innate flair for mixing beats and creating unforgettable melodies.

Fuelled by his passion for music, Crazy Vibes brings forth his latest creation, “Aawaz,” a track that takes listeners on a sonic journey like never before. Embracing his unique style, Crazy Vibes weaves magic on the dancefloor and leaves the audience craving for more.

Behind the glitz and glamour, Crazy Vibes’ journey has been one of determination and grit. The road to success was paved with obstacles, but he faced them head-on and emerged triumphant. From humble beginnings to playing at iconic platforms like Sunburn Supersonic, VH1, and Sunburn Select, Crazy Vibes has achieved commendable heights.

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