Sugandhi Luthra: Championing Diversity in Branding

Sugandhi, a communication designer by profession, embraces a deep passion for spirituality and continuous learning. A creative specialist, social media connoisseur, and a devoted mom, Sugandhi’s journey to becoming a trusted brand fundamentalist and a go-to person for marketing, communication, content creation, and event shaping is full of fervour, delights and commitments.


She thrives on creating remarkable designs that embody powerful communication and intricate details. Sugandhi firmly believes in the existence of a creative chakra within our bodies, which serves as a catalyst for developing impactful communication.


Maintaining a work-life balance is of utmost importance to Sugandhi. She firmly believes that opportunities should be embraced to transform weaknesses into strengths for women. Embracing the philosophy of “doing what we love” and loving “what we do,” Sugandhi strives to make brands truly deserving of attention.


As a young mother, Sugandhi faced the daunting challenge of balancing her career aspirations with her responsibilities as a parent. While she cherished her role as a mom, she couldn’t ignore the desire to create and make a significant impact in the world of business. However, as she delved into entrepreneurship, she encountered numerous obstacles that tested her resolve.


With an extensive 15 years of experience, Sugandhi’s expertise primarily lies in brand communication, client service and relationship management, event coordination and management, social media marketing, and innovative marketing tactics. Her goal is to create marketing strategies that are not only useful but also highly effective.



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Sugandhi ‘ Education accolades

Sugandhi’s passion for knowledge and self-improvement is truly commendable, as evident from her remarkable academic achievements. She has pursued four degrees, each contributing to her comprehensive skill set and expertise:


1) Communication Design, B.A Hons, Validated by Nottingham Trent University, Degree by Pearl Academy 2004-08: Sugandhi’s journey in the field of design officially began with her bachelor’s degree in Communication Design. This program, validated by Nottingham Trent University and conferred upon her by Pearl Academy, laid the foundations for her successful career.

2) B.A Hons (Eng) 2004-07, (Open School) Delhi University: Alongside her passion for design, Sugandhi also pursued a bachelor’s degree in English from Delhi University. This unique blend of interdisciplinary studies allows her to bring a diverse skill set to the table when serving her clients.


3) Post Grad Diploma, Management – Retail & Marketing, Symbiosis University, Pune: To further enhance her business acumen, Sugandhi completed a postgraduate diploma in Retail and Marketing from Symbiosis University. This program equipped her with valuable skills in strategic planning, customer relationship management, and marketing tactics.


4) Post Grad Diploma, 2019, Delhi School of Internet Marketing / Digital Vidya: With the ever-evolving digital landscape, Sugandhi recognized the importance of digital marketing and embarked on a postgraduate diploma program with Delhi School of Internet Marketing. This comprehensive course deepened her understanding of digital marketing strategies and techniques.


Certified by Google as an expert for Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: Sugandhi’s dedication to staying abreast of the latest industry trends led her to earn certification from Google in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. This achievement solidifies her expertise and ensures her ability to employ cutting-edge digital marketing practices.


Sugandhi’s journey did not conclude with her academic accomplishments. She embarked on a quest to find her Ikigai, a Japanese concept that emphasizes discovering one’s purpose and finding fulfillment in life. She understood that true success lies in embracing her authenticity. By integrating her personal experiences as a mother into her brand identity, Sugandhi cultivated a unique and relatable voice that resonated strongly with her audience.



Diversity and inclusion have been instrumental in Sugandhi’s success. She has always valued the power of embracing different perspectives and voices, both in business and in life. To deliver unparalleled success in brand campaigns, Sugandhi has built a talented team comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds. This blend of voices ensures fresh and innovative perspectives are brought to the table for her clients.



One of the biggest challenges Sugandhi faced was the societal perception of moms as professionals. Many believed that being a mompreneur would hinder her ability to deliver results and commit fully to her work. Undeterred, she decided to flip the narrative and embrace her identity as a mompreneur with pride. She aimed to show the world that motherhood could be a source of strength and inspiration, driving her to succeed in her business endeavors.


To overcome the hurdle of credibility, Sugandhi devoted herself to constant learning and skill development. She immersed herself in the latest marketing trends, communication strategies, and content creation techniques, earning a reputation as a social media specialist and creative maven. Her willingness to adapt and learn endeared her to diverse clients who appreciated her passion and dedication.



Sugandhi Luthra’s journey is an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance and authenticity. With a strong foundation in design, complemented by her impressive academic achievements, she has successfully harnessed her expertise to shape brands. By embracing diversity, defying societal norms, and continuously evolving, Sugandhi has become a trusted brand fundamentalist. From nurturing hearts as a mother to shaping impeccable brands, Sugandhi’s story is one of resilience, dedication, and the pursuit of one’s true purpose.

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