Spice Roadz: Where Health Meets Flavor in Every Dish

In the bustling world of culinary delights and gastronomic adventures, Spice Roadz stands out as a beacon of authenticity, quality, and health-consciousness. Inspired by a deep passion for cooking and a realization that India, despite being the largest producer of spices, often falls short in delivering top-grade spices and unadulterated oils to its general public, Spice Roadz was born. Let’s delve into the concept, values, and unique offerings that make Spice Roadz a pioneer in promoting healthier cooking and eating habits.

The concept of Spice Roadz emerged during a stay in Kerala, India, amidst the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The founders, Vipin V Adiyodi and Varsha Vipin, observed a stark paradox: India’s abundant spice production coexisted with a scarcity of access to high-quality spices for its own citizens. Top-tier spices were predominantly exported, leaving the local populace devoid of the true essence and health benefits of these treasures. Additionally, the prevalent use of solvents in the refining process of oils further depleted the natural nutrients and properties of edible oils.

At Spice Roadz, authenticity is more than a buzzword—it’s a commitment. The experience store offers a transparent view of the entire production process, from oil extraction to spice processing, including cleaning, roasting, and grinding. This transparency leaves no doubt in customers’ minds regarding the quality and hygiene of the products they purchase.

One of the cornerstones of Spice Roadz’s philosophy is the use of cold-pressed oils in cooking for a healthier lifestyle. Cold-pressed oils preserve the natural nutrients and properties of the seeds from which they are extracted. Unlike refined oils, which are stripped of their character and infused with artificial additives, cold-pressed oils retain their aroma, color, and flavor. These oils not only enhance the taste of dishes but also contribute to better health. Spice Roadz takes it a step further by allowing customers to witness the entire extraction process, fostering a deeper connection with the food they prepare.

Spice Roadz’s products offer a unique proposition to those seeking a healthier lifestyle. While people invest substantial sums in gyms and fitness routines, Spice Roadz reminds them that true health begins in the kitchen. Using unadulterated spice powders and chemically untreated edible oils with natural nutrients and flavors can transform everyday cooking into a wholesome and delicious experience.



Love is a secret ingredient that every good chef knows. Vipin V Adiyodi and Varsha Vipin come from a family of food enthusiasts and passionate cooks. Their love for cooking and experimenting led them to the realization that quality ingredients not only elevate the taste of dishes but also play a pivotal role in improving health. The food prepared using cold-pressed oils and top-grade, unadulterated spice powders at Spice Roadz is a testament to this love, cherished and savored by all within their circle.

Spice Roadz goes beyond being a store; it is an awareness hub. Customers are educated about the risks associated with consuming adulterated spices and refined oils. The store itself serves as proof of the quality and hygienic processes advocated by Spice Roadz, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to promoting healthier cooking and eating habits.

Spice Roadz caters to diverse tastes and regional preferences. They offer a wide range of whole spices and spice powders, all processed in small batches to ensure freshness. Currently, they extract seven different oils, including coconut, groundnut, mustard, sunflower, safflower, black sesame, and white sesame. Depending on the region, customers are encouraged to explore different oils for various recipes, enhancing their culinary experience.

In conclusion, Spice Roadz isn’t just a store; it’s a culinary journey that celebrates the love for cooking, the richness of authentic spices, and the health benefits of cold-pressed oils. With a commitment to transparency, quality, and customer education, Spice Roadz is driving a revolution in healthier cooking and eating habits, one spice and one drop of oil at a time. Vipin V Adiyodi and Varsha Vipin have truly created a haven for food enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of cooking and the power of pure, unadulterated ingredients.

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