Social media conspiracy against national , international award winner writer director Anindgita Dasgupta 

Anindita Dasgupta on screen name Anindgita Dasgupta’s  social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter , Instagram etc ,are hacked and illegally compromised.

All these accounts are accessed without her consent or permission and she eventually lost control over what is being posted, connections and friends were getting blocked, removed, reported without her knowing of it.

Unknown people are getting added to her social media accounts and interestingly her online followers in social media are reduced by installments of 1000 exactly on every occasion. This  is a very surprising thing. The followers are dropping not by any random number like 999,800,2000,but 1000 exactly every time.

The matter is under  investigation.It is quite clear that the person behind these malicious act online is not any random hacker but a known person may be from her workplace or some other place is the preliminary suspicion.

The intent behind this malicious online attack is to tarnish and ruin

Anindgita Dasgupta’s social image, spoil her goodwill in the market and harms her professionally. Moreover her email id both professional and personal are also getting registered at random websites.


Her company Aam public entertainment (co owner Mr . Prithwijeet Seth)marked in Google as temporarily closed again and again .


Recently Ms.Anindgita Dasgupta has written and directed a Bengali web series Kuch kuch film jaisi (produced by M/s Aam Public Entertainment co owner Mr . Prithwijeet Seth )which is now participating  in several film festivals in India and other countries across Asia, Europe, USA etc .This web series has been internationally praised and honored with over

110  international/national awards ,selection ,nomination globally.


Is it possible that someone is carrying out the attacks on her social media out of jealousy and insecurity?

An Investigation is ongoing through multiple agencies. Let’s wait and watch how the matter pans out in the coming days. Stay connected for more updates on this, soon.

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