SNBN Exclusive: IFW 2023 Presents India’s Premier Fashion Showcase!

Miyaj Productions Is all set to comeback with it’s dream project of See Now Buy Now!!

Here in India trying something new and out of the trend is most difficult thing as once you got failed no one will ready to believe or trust you.

Miyaj Productions, tried to made a show named IFW with the theme called SEE NOW BUY NOW, where audience can bid and buy the dresses live. Its been never practised or touched in India because of the high expenses and the great layer planning it demands.

Specially when Indian audience are really unpredictable. Calling them and making a theme which is completely dependent over them.
But Since Miyaj Productions wanted to make it by looking at the Opportunities this show can provide to all the Models and Designer’s all over the India, and can prepare for international platform as well, Miyaj Productions took the dare,
Because of certain health issues of the owner, Audience disapproval, the show got postponed several times giving production heavy losses and finally the show got at hold.

Still they didn’t gave up to their theme, heard lot of things, but still carried their dream, and today with all the positivity, and guts they have dared to come again with the same theme which is going to be organized now in September month of 10th, 2023.More details will be out from their side.

They stated, that as for guarantee they are making the statement in media, that 10th September will be the launch date for SNBN in India, any delay will furter give Productions a life time close, with paying 2× the amount they deposited for the show.

This show is only for the previously registered models and designers. No new entries will be welcomed.

Knowing the difficulty organizing such Theme, but they understand and want to end the Negative things of this fashion world, and wants to introduce Indian Fashion models with real work and real opportunities, presenting them directly in front of the audience. No pre judgement scams, no judgement or rejection because of Certain height, weight, body, or color.
Sicne SNBN allows models to just be confident and that’s enough.

10th September, 2023 is the date for IFW 2023, with the statement, that if not executed, the production will be closed permanently, refunding 2× the amount they paid.

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