Shining Through: Neha Pardeshi’s Journey in Gems & Jewelry

Neha Pardeshi, an award-winning Diamond Grader and Gemologist, is the driving force behind Shine Divine, a burgeoning brand in the Gems & Jewelry industry. With a post-graduate educational background, Neha’s passion for gemology was sparked early on, leading her to make a life-changing decision to pursue a career in this field.
Her journey to date has been marked by diverse experiences, including working as an instructor and gemologist in a gemological laboratory in Mumbai. Later, she expanded her expertise by working in a design studio and a jewelry export house, gaining valuable insights into different aspects of the industry.
The turning point that led Neha to opt for this career was her desire to create something of her own while having more time for her child. Despite facing resistance from her family, Neha persevered and started her new journey in the gemological world.
However, Neha’s determination and hard work paid off, as she managed to overcome obstacles and launched her own Gems & Jewelry brand, Shine Divine, in September 2021. Within a short span, her vision and dedication bore fruit, and she proudly launched the brand’s website in June 2022.
Neha Pardeshi’s story is a testament to the power of following one’s passion and overcoming challenges to create something remarkable.

She believes that wearing jewelry is the best way to look special and you can never go wrong with Gemstone Jewelry! Gemstones have been part of Jewelry since time immemorial, for their majestic, bold & classy look. These jewelry pieces are much more than what holds the eye! Besides their exquisite beauty & appearance, these gemstones have healing powers!
She says, “Shine Divine is all about the bold, confident, independent women who are pushing the glass ceiling. We believe that it is high time that we break the traditional stereotypes of women where they are considered to be much more emotional and irrational than men. The modern Indian woman is an epitome of leadership, pragmatism and ambition. She aspires to heal the world with her determined efforts combined with sensitivity. Yet she knows self-care and pampers herself. This woman deserves nothing less than the best.”
Shine Divine is an online lifestyle boutique that offers you the opportunity to buy these authentic, handpicked, certified natural gemstones and customized gemstone jewelries in silver or gold with full confidence and enjoy the unique appeal and charm of these gems which uplifts your personality, allowing you to take your everyday life with a more positive outlook!
So, let’s appreciate the beautiful creations of Mother Earth as nothing can imitate the nature’s creativity. No two stones are same and this makes each piece unique and one of a kind!
Shine Divine also believes in the philosophy of Ubuntu which is a South African term for oneness of humanity or “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.
“Radiance” is a social responsibility initiative by Shine Divine, in association with PEHEL Foundation (People for Education Health Environment and Livelihoods Foundation), which aims to empower underprivileged people through various skill development, awareness and livelihood generation activities, so that the world becomes a safer and kinder place to live in. After all, we are only as good as our surroundings!
As she continues to build her brand, her achievements stand as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and gem enthusiasts alike. With her expertise and drive, the future of Shine Divine looks promising, adding brilliance to the world of Gems & Jewelry.

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