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Salim Akhtar’s and new Director Julee Jasmin’s “Daal-Roti” to Release on 15th August

Salim Akhtar’s “Daal-Roti” Set for 15th August Release: A Comeback Worth the Wait

Renowned producer Salim Akhtar, celebrated for iconic films like “Badal,” “Jigar,” “Loha,” and “Batwara,” is making a triumphant return to the film industry with his latest venture, “Daal-Roti.” This release, set for 15th August, marks a significant milestone as it introduces Julee Jasmin, a promising new female director, under the esteemed banner of Aftab Pictures Private Limited.

Salim Akhtar

Introducing Julee Jasmin: A New Visionary Director

Julee Jasmin, transitioning from a B.Sc. in Zoology to film direction, is a true testament to following one’s passion. Her journey from academia to the film set exemplifies her dedication and love for cinema. Jasmin’s directorial debut with “Daal-Roti” is highly anticipated and expected to bring a fresh perspective to Bollywood.

Julee Jasmin

Salim Akhtar’s Legacy of Excellence

Salim Akhtar’s illustrious career is marked by collaborations with legendary directors such as Raj N. Sippy, J.P. Dutta, Ashok Gaikwad, Ashutosh Gowariker, Faruq Siddique, and Raj Kanwar. These partnerships have set a high bar for “Daal-Roti,” promising a blend of traditional values and contemporary storytelling that resonates with today’s audiences.

“Daal-Roti”: A Story of Tradition and Modernity

“Daal-Roti,” scheduled for release on 15th August, embodies cultural richness and familial bonds, aptly captured in its title, which translates to “Daily Bread.” The film’s narrative is expected to captivate viewers with its unique blend of tradition and modernity, offering a poignant look at family and societal values.

Dishant Gulliya

Dishant Gulliya: A Crucial Role

Actor Dishant Gulliya, famed for his extensive work in Hindi and Urdu theatre and as the brand face of FAIR AND HANDSOME INDIA, plays a vital role in “Daal-Roti.” Gulliya’s dedication to his craft and belief in the film’s message are pivotal to its development. With over 50 theater performances at prestigious venues like NCPA Mumbai and Shriram Centre Delhi, his involvement adds significant depth to the film.

Anticipation and Impact

The film industry is abuzz with anticipation for “Daal-Roti,” which marks Salim Akhtar’s return and showcases the emerging influence of female directors in Bollywood. Releasing on India’s Independence Day, the film aims to leave a lasting impact, weaving together tradition and modern storytelling to resonate deeply with audiences.

“Daal-Roti” promises to be a milestone in Indian cinema, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry and evolving narratives that define the industry today. As we eagerly await its release, it’s clear that this film will be a significant addition to Salim Akhtar’s legacy and a promising start for Julee Jasmin’s directorial career.

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