Harmonizing Nature and Science: The Saaj Approach to Skincare

Saaj journey began when its founders, Rahul Mishra and Bhavish Khandelwal, were inspired by their ancestors’ knowledge of Ayurveda and its potential to enhance skincare. The duo recognized the need for authentic Ayurvedic products that catered to the modern world’s growing concerns about harmful chemicals and inadequate skincare results.

Their passion for Ayurveda and a deep-rooted belief in its holistic approach fueled their vision to create a brand that would harmonize nature and science to promote overall well-being. They wanted to preserve and share the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda with the world while incorporating modern advancements to ensure effective skincare solutions.

With unwavering determination, they embarked on a mission to research, study, and refine traditional Ayurvedic formulations passed down through generations in their families. Combining this ancestral knowledge with rigorous scientific research, they carefully crafted skincare products using 100% natural ingredients.

At the heart of their endeavor was the desire to address the skincare market’s limitations and make Ayurvedic products more accessible to a global audience. They aimed to debunk myths surrounding Ayurvedic skincare and raise awareness about its profound benefits.


Over the years, Saaj carved its niche in the industry, standing out as a trusted name in Ayurvedic skincare. Their commitment to excellence, quality, and authenticity garnered a loyal customer base, reinforcing their position as pioneers in the field.

Today, Saaj continues to thrive and remains dedicated to its mission of providing exceptional Ayurvedic skincare solutions that promote holistic well-being. Their journey is a testament to the enduring power of nature and ancient wisdom in nurturing and enhancing one’s beauty, and they continue to inspire others on their path to wellness.



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