‘Happen Recently’ Magazine Launch Steals the Spotlight at ‘Sajni Chura Lihle Dilwa Hamar’ Event by Bageshwar Balaji Films in Mumbai.  

The grand muhurat ceremony of “Sajni Chura lihli dilwa Hamar,” Bageshwar Balaji Films’ highly anticipated production, was a momentous occasion in Mumbai. Yash Rai (FIWA), Brijbhushan Sinha, Mamendra Kumar, and Ashish Chandel, prominent figures in the cinema world, graced the event as chief guests. Sudhanshu Krishna Rai and the team expressed excitement about the film, revealing its captivating title. “Sajni Chura lihli dilwa Hamar” is a wholesome family-oriented film encompassing romance, action, and comedy, featuring a popular song. Sudhanshu Krishna Rai and Rupa Mishra lead the cast with mesmerizing chemistry.


The lead roles in “Sajni Chura lihli dilwa Hamar” are portrayed by Sudhanshu Krishna Rai, Rupa Mishra, Anamika Dahiya, Yashit Rai, and Girish Sharma, creating a talented ensemble.


Coinciding with this grand occasion, the renowned PR agency “Happen Recently” unveiled its new magazine. The Happen Recently team, consisting of Partho Sarkar, SK Soni, and Shubham Pancheshwar, shared their vision and mission. Happen Recently has gained recognition in the media industry for its accurate and real-time news delivery, attracting a loyal following of news enthusiasts who rely on the platform for the latest updates. The platform plans to expand its coverage and reach across various topics and regions while exploring the integration of emerging technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality to enhance the news delivery experience.


Happen Recently is driven by a vision and mission centered around accuracy and real-time news delivery, leading to its recognition in the media industry. The platform has been prominently featured in renowned news outlets, attracting a dedicated community of news enthusiasts who rely on it for the most up-to-date information. Users appreciate the platform’s unwavering commitment to delivering news with speed and precision, ensuring they stay well-informed in an ever-evolving news landscape. Looking to the future, Happen Recently has ambitious plans to expand its coverage and reach, offering comprehensive news across a wide range of topics and regions. Furthermore, the platform intends to leverage emerging technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality to enhance the news consumption experience for its users. By integrating these cutting-edge tools, the platform seeks to enhance the way users engage with news, creating a captivating and interactive environment.


Happen Recently, promises to captivate readers with its insightful articles, engaging features, and in-depth coverage. With its expansion into the realm of print, Happen Recently further solidifies its position as a leader in the media industry, catering to a diverse audience across various mediums. Inspired by the vision and mission of Happen Recently, the team at Bageshwar Balaji Films Productions wishes Happen Recent every success, which is ready to provide reliable and comprehensive news to the readers in a constantly changing world.











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