From IT Leadership to Healthy Living: Veena and Prashanth’s Culinary Transformation

Veena Prashanth and Prashanth Sundaresh, with a rich background in IT leadership spanning 30 years, embarked on a transformative 10-month journey into the world of Cold Press Oil, Millets, and Millet Products. Their mission: to make these traditional ingredients a daily staple in our lives.

The turning point? Seven years of part-time farming, where the couple discovered the unparalleled taste of village food. Intrigued by local cuisine and traditional grains, they found their calling.

Despite lacking a business background, the duo faced initial challenges. RD Dwivedi, a manufacturing expert, became their guide. Establishing a reliable supply chain for quality raw materials was an early hurdle. Overcoming this, they ventured into the challenging realm of modern trade, opening a factory outlet to connect directly with customers.

The journey led to B2B expansion, with notable success in collaborating with fried food manufacturers. Their cold-pressed coconut oil found its way into manufacturing processes, marking a significant achievement.

Driven by a commitment to purity and freshness, Veena and Prashanth aspire to open ten “Natura — The Healthy Essential Store” outlets in Bangalore by the next year’s end. Franchising is on the horizon, a rapid expansion strategy to bring wholesome products to the kitchens of health-conscious Bangaloreans.

Woodified Natura not only supports farmers by direct sourcing but also provides quality seeds for improved yields. Their mission extends to educating consumers about the benefits of cold-pressed oils and the incorporation of millets into their diets.

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In closing, Woodified Natura stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity, offering a healthier path for both consumers and farmers alike.

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