DJ Manzee: Who rocks dance floors around the world with high-energy club bangers.

DJ Manzee: Who rocks dance floors around the world with high-energy club bangers.


In the realm of music and entertainment, there are those exceptional individuals who strive tirelessly to push the boundaries of their chosen fields. These young talents fearlessly take risks and propel their careers to new heights. Among these rising stars is Manish Rai, better known as DJ Manzee, a Mumbai-based Disc Jockey and Producer who has made a resounding impact on the fiercely competitive DJing scene in India. Not only has he performed with national artists, but he has also shared the stage with renowned international talents, leaving audiences awe-struck with his outstanding music, shows, and performances.


DJ Manzee was born on 12th July 1996 and belongs to the city of dreams “Mumbai”, has a humble family background that has shaped his journey. His father is employed as a lightman in Film City, while his mother takes care of the household, and his brother works in a media company. Growing up, DJ Manzee imbibed the principles of integrity and diligence, which have played a crucial role in his rise to prominence in the national DJing scene.


With a remarkable presence in numerous venues and a wide range of collaborations with various artists, DJ Manzee has embarked on an unstoppable path in his career. Renowned for his adaptability across genres such as Bollywood, EDM, Commercial, and Techno, he consistently delivers remarkable remixes and musical sets that mesmerize audiences. His performances are filled with energy and enthusiasm, making him a top choice for partygoers and music enthusiasts looking for an unforgettable experience at wedding events, clubs, live shows, and corporate gatherings.


Looking ahead, DJ Manzee has ambitious plans to release albums consecutively every three months, showcasing his talents and incorporating the latest trends in clubs and Bollywood music. His dedication to his craft and passion for creating magical musical moments have set him apart in the industry.


DJ Manzee’s meteoric rise in the music industry has drawn comparisons to renowned Indian artists such as Badshah and Yo Yo Honey Singh. His fan base not only spans across the country but also extends internationally. With his relentless work ethic and determination, DJ Manzee has achieved a remarkable position in the music world, inspiring others to pursue their dreams.


DJ Manzee has encountered various hurdles on his path. Initially, the aspiring artist encountered numerous setbacks, yet he remained determined and triumphed over every obstacle, establishing a distinctive presence in the entertainment field. His narrative stands as a profound source of motivation, inspiring people from diverse backgrounds to pursue their dreams and aspire for excellence.


DJ Manzee’s upcoming remix album signifies a remarkable milestone in his career. The exceptionally gifted artist, who honed his craft through self-education using online platforms such as YouTube and Google, is poised to unveil a captivating compilation comprising seven enthralling tracks. This album stands as a testament to DJ Manzee’s remarkable ability to establish a profound connection with his listeners. It features two dedicated tracks paying homage to the renowned artist Sidhu Moosewala, two tracks encompassing the essence of Bombay Style Circuit Music, and three high-energy songs guaranteed to ignite any party ambiance. Scheduled for release on the 12th of July, which coincides with DJ Manzee’s birthday, the anticipation surrounding this project continues to intensify.


Known for his unwavering dedication to his craft, DJ Manzee believes in the power of music to transcend boundaries. He aims to be recognized as a music producer who understands and resonates with his audience. As he continues to grow and experiment with his skills, DJ Manzee challenges himself to reach new heights and explore uncharted territories within the music realm. With over 800+ performances in clubs nationwide and DJing since the last 9 years as resident DJ in clubs and currently he is resident DJ at Hex, Mumbai. He has earned his place among the elite DJs with his hard work.


To stay updated with DJ Manzee’s latest endeavors, fans can follow him on Instagram @djmanzee, where he shares glimpses of his electrifying performances and upcoming projects.


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