Diwakkar G Bihani: A Pioneer in Global Mathematics Pedagogy

In a world where mathematics can often seem daunting and complex, Diwakkar G Bihani stands out as a beacon of mathematical knowledge and teaching excellence. With a diverse array of math-related services, including Vedic Maths, Mental Maths, and Seriously Addictive Mathematics (SAM) mentoring, Diwakkar has been on a remarkable journey of spreading mathematical wisdom and transforming lives.

Diwakkar’s journey into the world of online mathematics education began during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world grappled with lockdowns and remote learning became the norm, he seized the online opportunities to share his talent with learners worldwide. His unique approach to mathematics caught the attention of students and parents, and soon, his name was recognized around the globe.

Diwakkar offers a range of math-related services, each with its unique approach:
Vedic Maths: This service is principle-based, encouraging learners to delve deep into the world of mathematics. It is rooted in ancient Indian mathematical techniques that provide innovative and efficient methods for solving complex problems.
Mental Maths: Diwakkar specializes in teaching mental math techniques, which involve breaking down numbers and solving mathematical computations quickly in one’s head. It’s a valuable skill for improving calculation speed and accuracy.
Seriously Addictive Mathematics (SAM): SAM is the world’s largest mathematics enrichment program. Diwakkar’s mentoring approach helps learners visualize mathematical concepts and develop problem-solving skills. Instead of traditional teaching, he adopts a coaching method to guide learners through mathematical challenges.

Diwakkar’s journey hasn’t been without its share of challenges. Adapting to various teaching patterns across different countries, each with its own curriculum and methodology, was initially a daunting task. For instance, he encountered the diversity of educational systems in the USA, the UK, and Singapore, which required flexibility and adaptability in his teaching approach.

Diwakkar’s dedication to mathematics education has allowed him to create a global impact. Remarkably, despite his Indian origins, he does not have a single learner from India at present. His classes, which number around 80-100 per month, span multiple countries, highlighting the universality of mathematics and his ability to connect with students worldwide.

Diwakkar’s commitment to excellence is evident in his achievements:

On a platform with over 15,000 tutors, he maintains an exceptional rating of 4.8+/5, a testament to his teaching prowess and the satisfaction of his students.

A learner from the UK, who had never scored more than 55%, achieved an impressive 98% under Diwakkar’s guidance, demonstrating the transformative power of his teaching methods.

Another learner from the Maldives successfully passed a crucial GCSE math exam, showcasing Diwakkar’s effectiveness in preparing students for important assessments.

Diwakkar G Bihani’s journey in the realm of mathematics education serves as an inspiring example of how dedication, adaptability, and a passion for teaching can transcend borders and change lives. His commitment to making mathematics accessible and enjoyable for students worldwide is a testament to the positive impact educators can have on shaping the future.

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