Celebrating Excellence: Healthcare Awards Gala 2023 at Le Meridien, Delhi

New Delhi was abuzz with excitement as the prestigious Excellence Award in Healthcare 2023 and Elite Award 2023 Season 4 took place at the luxurious five start hotel Le Meridien. Organized by HHO (Holistic Healing Organization), this grand event brought together renowned holistic healers and distinguished personalities from all corners of India.

At the helm of the program were Dr. Shaista Khan, Mr. Virendra Rathi and Dr. Bhupendra Sharma with the dedicated team of HHO. The efforts aimed to promote and spread the practice of Holistic Healing while honoring the accomplished individuals in different fields, collaborating to create a memorable occasion.

The event boasted esteemed guests, including Chief Guest Dr. Gaurav Gupta and Special Guest Mr. Diallo, the First Secretary of the Embassy of Guinea. Joining them were illustrious figures such as Mr. T C Badan, CEO of Made Easy; Mr. R S Kataria, Retired Deputy Commissioner of MCD; Ashutosh Mangal, MD of JAKSH Gravity Agro and Energy; Mr. Sanjeev Garg and Kritika Makkar Kapoor.

The seminar served as a platform to recognize and honor the tireless efforts of healers working in Ayurveda and Holistic Healing. It also aimed to celebrate the achievements of women who have showcased their talents in various fields. Alongside these honors, the Elite Award 2023 recognized individuals from acting, singing, choreography, academics, modeling, and many other categories. Some of the excellence award winners are Deepak Tokas, Arjun Faujdar, Medha Sarin, Malika Baig, Pallavi Chauhan

Promoting their initiative “Human Care” HHO highlighted the importance of helping those in need. Promising children were rewarded with scholarships and trophies as a testament to their potential and a means to support their education.

HHO’s enduring commitment to making India disease-free and recognizing the contributions of professionals in diverse fields was evident throughout the event. Their efforts extend beyond India, as they have a presence in 40 other countries worldwide, working toward the common goal of holistic wellbeing.

This grand celebration of excellence in healthcare and recognition of accomplished individuals has left a lasting mark, inspiring attendees and the wider community to continue their pursuit of holistic healing and fostering a healthier nation.


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