Awards and Insights: The Sourav Mukherjee Saga

Sourav Mukherjee’s journey in the creative industry has been remarkable. Starting with a degree in Multimedia and Animation from St. Xavier’s College, he pursued his passion for art and films. His talent was quickly recognized, and he achieved recognition in various prestigious magazines and newspapers. After completing his Master’s in Film Studies, Sourav worked with prominent media agencies and earned accolades like the Golden Mike and Idea Bandwagon awards. However, the outbreak of Covid-19 and the loss of his mother made him rethink his purpose in life. He realized that teaching was the path to leave a lasting impact on future generations. Taking a leap of faith, Sourav became the Head of the Animation and Gaming department at iLEAD Kolkata, where he shaped the future of the creative industry. His achievements include receiving Official Selection at the International Film Festival of India, being a guest speaker at several animation institutes in India, and being featured in Indian Talent Magazine as a top emerging artist. Sourav also authored two books, ‘Sotoborshe Bharityo Animation’ and ‘From Paper to Pixel,’ exploring the evolution of Indian animation and the significance of new media studies.

Sourav Mukherjee’s contribution to the world of literature is equally remarkable as his achievements in the creative industry. His first book, ‘Sotoborshe Bharityo Animation,’ is a testament to his dedication to preserving the history of Indian Animation. This insightful work chronicles the transformation of animation over a century, tracing its evolution through the lens of socio-political and socio-economic influences in India. Published by Vigyan Prasar, a unit of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and graced by the launch by The Vice President of India, Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, this book stands as a significant contribution to the cultural and artistic narrative of the nation. Furthermore, his second book, ‘From Paper to Pixel,’ is an exploration into the contemporary landscape of new media studies. It was launched by Dr. Swati Guha, Director of Institute for Language Studies and Research (ILSR), Kolkata, West Bengal on 6th August 2023 at the ICCR Kolkata. This book delves into the pivotal role new media plays in modern communication. It examines how digital transformation has reshaped our interactions, connections, and ideas, especially in the context of the pandemic’s aftermath. Sourav Mukherjee’s dedication to documenting the shifts and nuances of creative and communication mediums is a testament to his commitment to education, innovation, and understanding the pulse of societal change. His journey reflects an inspiring pursuit of passion, artistic excellence, and the desire to make a positive impact on others. Sourav Mukherjee’s journey is a testament to his determination and talent. His decision to pursue his passion for art and films, despite studying computer science initially, showcases his commitment to his dreams.

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