A Night to Remember: Happen Recently Magazine Launches in Style at Shikara Restaurant, Drawing Esteemed Guests Including Business Tycoons and Renowned Bloggers.

Mumbai, July 5, 2023 – The highly anticipated launch party of Happen Recently magazine took place at the renowned Shikara Restaurant in Sanpada, spearheaded by young entrepreneur Shubham Pancheshwar. The event was graced by esteemed guests, including Mr. Ashok Mehra, Director of Shikara Constructions along with prominent bloggers namely, Dr. Ashlesha Mahagaonkar, Ankita Pralhad Yadav, Saubhik Kata, Siddhavi Dilip Naik, and Neha Rathor. Additionally, emerging entrepreneurs were in attendance to celebrate the debut of the magazine.

Shikara Restaurant, known for its attentive and friendly staff, provided an unforgettable experience to all the attendees, ensuring impeccable service and personalized recommendations to enhance the overall dining experience.

The launch party of Happen Recently magazine was a resounding success, with the gathering of prominent guests, entrepreneurs, and food bloggers. The event showcased the magazine’s commitment to providing valuable and insightful content to its readers. With its ethical approach to news presentation, Happen Recently aims to make a positive impact in the media industry and inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in its audience.

Happen Recently magazine aims to foster curiosity, encourage entrepreneurs and promote excellence, as stated by Tuhin Mukharjee, the Editorial Chief, and Savitri Soni, the Project Head of Happen Recently magazine. The collaborative efforts of the team have culminated in the creation of this monthly publication, which presents news in an ethical and honest manner. The magazine seeks to add value to readers’ lives, laying a strong foundation based on principles and instilling the right values to transform them into productive members of society.

The launch of Happen Recently is a moment of great pride and privilege for the Editorial Board. Tuhin Mukharjee expressed his gratitude for the significant contributions from the editorial and technical teams, whose support has been vital to the magazine’s success. The content writers, in particular, have played an essential role in providing robust intellectual support and timely contributions, deserving special appreciation. The team looks forward to continued dedication from its writers in the future.

Happen Recently magazine sets itself apart by not being just another business magazine. Instead, it aspires to be the voice of revolutionary entrepreneurs. The magazine refrains from presenting mere figures and economic data, recognizing that readers’ time is valuable. Instead, it provides real and authentic insights to help readers make informed decisions. The magazine aims to bring about a paradigm shift in the media industry, marking a movement towards a new way of presenting news.

Rajveer Singh (RV), the Senior News Correspondent from TimesNowBusiness.com, provided coverage of the event. He conveyed his views on the launch party, capturing the excitement and energy of the occasion. For news coverage, Rajveer Singh can be reached at +917710030004.

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